Mustard Is The Perfect Transition Colour Into Autumn/Winter 2018
August 17, 2018 by admin in Blog 0 Comments

We’re firmly in that awkward period of the year when summer has not quite waved goodbye yet the Autumn/Winter season has authoritatively knocked on our doors. You might have found that your customers are not quite sure which d irection they need to go in in terms of their wardrobe. Do you wear the bright, colourful summers dress or are we in those rusty jumpers yet? Well, putting style of clothing aside, colour can really be a great way to bridge this seasonal transition phase.  Luckily for you we are going to tell you the best colour to do that with and it just happens to be the colour trend for Autumn/ Winter 2018. It’s Mustard! It may not be your favourer condiment but it’s a hit across the fashion industry this year. Mustard is the perfect colour for slowly but surely transitioning from summer into Autumn. It’s a little less vibrant then its cousin ‘yellow’ yet still looks perfectly placed on a summer dress or cardigan alike. Another great thing about mustard is that it can be teamed up with a number of colours such rust, denim, kaki, gold and browns. We’ve ensured that mustard is a strong feature in our show room with our […]

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