Valentines Day Ladies Style
January 25, 2019 by admin in Blog 0 Comments

The annual love day is almost upon us, so millions of women across the country will have already started to plan their outfits for either a loved-up date night or a party night with the girls.  Typically the colours that tend to dominate this season are your red spectrums, black, and gold. Sounds a little similar to the typical Christmas colour charts without the greens. Anyway, let’s not mention the word ‘Christmas’ so early on in the new year, still a long time to go before we start worrying about that!  Back to Valentine’s Day, some of you may be way ahead of your customers by already having a nice selection of Valentine’s Day must-haves. But in case you’ve been a little slow in catching up with 2019, we’ve put together 3 looks based on items that we have here at the Elle Fashion showroom in Manchester which will hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas of what would be great to stock in this season.  Our looks are based on the red and black theme, each including an accessory, which we also stock here in the showroom.                            […]

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Let’s Go Wild With Animal Print This Autumn/Winter
September 7, 2018 by admin in Blog 0 Comments

By all accounts this years AW18 season is all about animal print. To be honest animal print regularly makes an appearance but this season there seems to be a real resurgence. With many major brands embracing their wild side we’re encouraging to to set your inner animal free too.  The great thing about animal print is that it is so well suited to the autumn winter season. From hats to scarves, tops and dresses and even coats as worn by Victoria Beckham at a high fashion photoshoot she attended earlier this year.  Don’t just take our word for it, Fashion and Buying Editor for Matches Fashion, Natalie Kingham said; “Every women needs an animal-print outerwear…” Animal print also stole the show at this year’s Vogue Show in New York .  Here at Elle Fashion we’ve taken her advice and we have a stocked up on an large array of styles incorporating Animal Print in some way shape of form. In the picture  to your left you can see that we have brought a hot Summer trend into the Autumn/Winter season with a Jumpsuit that incorporates the animal print in a very elegant manner. The shirt dress is another favourite and […]

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Knitwear for Autumn Winter 2018
August 24, 2018 by admin in Blog 0 Comments

We hate to admit it but it looks like it’s time to get the knitwear out. Too often we hear people say “a jumper is a jumper” – well we have just got in some lovely ranges of knits that we’re sure will give you a reason to be excited about the Autumn/Winter 2018 season.  Watch: Elle Fashion On The Sofa – Knitwear for Autumn Winter 2018

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Mustard Is The Perfect Transition Colour Into Autumn/Winter 2018
August 17, 2018 by admin in Blog 0 Comments

We’re firmly in that awkward period of the year when summer has not quite waved goodbye yet the Autumn/Winter season has authoritatively knocked on our doors. You might have found that your customers are not quite sure which d irection they need to go in in terms of their wardrobe. Do you wear the bright, colourful summers dress or are we in those rusty jumpers yet? Well, putting style of clothing aside, colour can really be a great way to bridge this seasonal transition phase.  Luckily for you we are going to tell you the best colour to do that with and it just happens to be the colour trend for Autumn/ Winter 2018. It’s Mustard! It may not be your favourer condiment but it’s a hit across the fashion industry this year. Mustard is the perfect colour for slowly but surely transitioning from summer into Autumn. It’s a little less vibrant then its cousin ‘yellow’ yet still looks perfectly placed on a summer dress or cardigan alike. Another great thing about mustard is that it can be teamed up with a number of colours such rust, denim, kaki, gold and browns. We’ve ensured that mustard is a strong feature in our show room with our […]

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8 Tips For Designing A Customer Attracting Display Window
August 3, 2018 by admin in Blog, Merchandising 1 Comment

Having a shop full of stunning clothing is one thing, but what does the window of your shop say about your brand and what you are selling? Is your window display a turn off or turn on? Whether you have a large department store or a stand alone boutique, your display window is often times your first opportunity to show-off your key sale items, attract customers and give a message about your brand.  As a wholesaler we work with a large number of retail outlets and have seen how a great window display can be the making or breaking of a business. So, here we have put together a list of our 8 top tips for designing a customer attracting window display, because let’s be honest, if you’re not attracting customers then your business is likely to fail before it begins.  Have A Plan Yep, don’t just take a load of clothes to your window, stick them on your mannequins and hope for the best. Forward planning will give you a chance to allow your creative juices to flow. You can then select your colours and items to ensure that there is a cohesiveness in your display. It will also save you a lot […]

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