8 Tips For Designing A Customer Attracting Display Window
August 3, 2018 by admin in Blog, Merchandising 1 Comment

Having a shop full of stunning clothing is one thing, but what does the window of your shop say about your brand and what you are selling? Is your window display a turn off or turn on? Whether you have a large department store or a stand alone boutique, your display window is often times your first opportunity to show-off your key sale items, attract customers and give a message about your brand.  As a wholesaler we work with a large number of retail outlets and have seen how a great window display can be the making or breaking of a business. So, here we have put together a list of our 8 top tips for designing a customer attracting window display, because let’s be honest, if you’re not attracting customers then your business is likely to fail before it begins.  Have A Plan Yep, don’t just take a load of clothes to your window, stick them on your mannequins and hope for the best. Forward planning will give you a chance to allow your creative juices to flow. You can then select your colours and items to ensure that there is a cohesiveness in your display. It will also save you a lot […]

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