Valentines Day Ladies Style

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Valentines Day Ladies Style

The annual love day is almost upon us, so millions of women across the country will have already started to plan their outfits for either a loved-up date night or a party night with the girls. 

Typically the colours that tend to dominate this season are your red spectrums, black, and gold. Sounds a little similar to the typical Christmas colour charts without the greens. Anyway, let’s not mention the word ‘Christmas’ so early on in the new year, still a long time to go before we start worrying about that! 

Back to Valentine’s Day, some of you may be way ahead of your customers by already having a nice selection of Valentine’s Day must-haves. But in case you’ve been a little slow in catching up with 2019, we’ve put together 3 looks based on items that we have here at the Elle Fashion showroom in Manchester which will hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas of what would be great to stock in this season. 

Our looks are based on the red and black theme, each including an accessory, which we also stock here in the showroom. 





















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