8 Tips For Designing A Customer Attracting Display Window

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8 Tips For Designing A Customer Attracting Display Window

Having a shop full of stunning clothing is one thing, but what does the window of your shop say about your brand and what you are selling? Is your window display a turn off or turn on? Whether you have a large department store or a stand alone boutique, your display window is often times your first opportunity to show-off your key sale items, attract customers and give a message about your brand. 

As a wholesaler we work with a large number of retail outlets and have seen how a great window display can be the making or breaking of a business. So, here we have put together a list of our 8 top tips for designing a customer attracting window display, because let’s be honest, if you’re not attracting customers then your business is likely to fail before it begins. 

  1. Have A Plan

Yep, don’t just take a load of clothes to your window, stick them on your mannequins and hope for the best. Forward planning will give you a chance to allow your creative juices to flow. You can then select your colours and items to ensure that there is a cohesiveness in your display. It will also save you a lot of time. 


 2. Be Adventurous 

You’ll be amazed at how creative you can be when you put your mind to it. This is your display window so be as adventurous as you like. Don’t be afraid to try new things and incorporate new ideas in terms of props, themes and colours 

Tips on designing a display window


3. Have a Story 

Giving your window a theme or story line will create an interesting display that your potential customers will actually pay attention to. If you’re struggling with ideas take a look at the calendar and let key dates lead you. Maybe you can consider moods, colour stories, seasons and lifestyle themes too.


4. Keep It Clean 

This one goes without saying. You don’t want your window display giving your customers the wrong dirty impression. So ensure your window area is kept clean and tidy – paying particular attention to the window itself to ensure its kept as streak and finger mark free as possible. 


5. Keep It Updated

Nobody wants to see the same display in a window week after week or even month after month. Keeping your window frequently updated and fresh will mean you will be showing off the exciting new ranges you have. It gives a perception of excitement around your brand and will go a long way to attracting new customer into your shop. 


6. Lighting 

Make a big deal of your display. Make it a key feature. By using the right type of lighting you can really draw lots of attention to your window display. No point putting all this work into creating a customer attracting display just for it to be shadowed in poor and dull lighting? 


7. Get Feedback/ Monitor The Response 

Feedback is critical for any business as it will help you to grow and develop further. Your display window works the same. Have certain displays worked better than others? What has caught the imagination of your customers? What has not worked so well? Don’t be afraid to ask you’re customers about their views of your display. They’ll usually be happy to share their views with you. Remember its all about growth and development. You may not be a display window whizz kid to begin with but if you keep getting feedback and monitoring your responses you may be on your way. 


8. Consider Levels

Add to the dynamics of your display by using varying levels and heights. Definitely get your key items in at eye-line level, but also having stands a little lower and and little higher will bring greater depth, dynamics and movement to your display. 

We hope this helps you. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below. 

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